ATLiens Migos are have continued their stream of success and with heavily anticipated and widely received release of Culture II it looks as if the trio has no plans of slowing down.

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Last week during the first part of their interview with Ebro Darden on Beats 1, Migos revealed the significance of their release date.

“January 26th is an important day for us,” Quavo said, “It’s the one year anniversary of the first project and we wanted this year to be released to celebrate our success but also give a gift to the world a new level of flavor.”


In part two of the interview, Migos confirms that they, in fact, have more music recorded with Kanye West and what it was like working with the super producer.

Ebro: Wait, wait, wait, wait—so you got more records with Kanye? How many?
Offset: Stash
Quavo: We working! Never stop.
Ebro: Y’all go to his house?
Quavo: To the crazy compound with all the top secret s*** go down.

Although the crew discussed the possibility of more music to come, they promised fans that their latest release will not disappoint and revealed that they are planning to launch an app with their own line of emojis.

Ebro: About “Emoji a Chain” and Migos Emoji’s
Offset: “Ice out the gang”
Quavo: “Ooo”
Offset: “Make a emoji a chain”
Quavo: “Ice Ice”
Offset: So what you do is you go—
Quavo: You gon’ get your favorite emoji—from the e-Migo-jis—and you gon’ buss em’ down
Offset: Ice em’ out
Takeoff: Raindrop emoji—everybody know he got the raindrop emoji.
Quavo: Yeah he got the raindrop.
Takeoff: Raindrop emoji [laughs]
Quavo: That went crazy
Offset: You put them emojis on the chain, you make em’ come to life.
Quavo: That’s the alien emoji right there
Offset: See I got another emoji on the wizzay, from Alienate

The crew also gave fans the name of the new line of emojis called E-Migo-ji.

Check out part 2 of the interview here and the full version of part 1 below.