For months, Brazil has been dealing with a yellow fever epidemic that has already left dozens dead. Although the Health Ministry had high hopes to vaccinate millions of people to contain the outbreak, all immunization centers have been struggling to keep up with the high number of patients, and of course the poorest communities are the ones to suffer, specifically Rio de Janeiro.

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Thomas Vieira Gomes, also known as 2N is considered a notorious criminal in Rio de Janeiro, with authorities offering $3,000 reward to anyone who can help capture him, but this time around he actually did something decent; still illegal but decent nonetheless.

2N and his squad kidnapped two male nurses in order to vaccinate the poor people of his home town Rio de Janeiro against yellow fever. News of the kidnapping went viral on Brazilian social media earlier this month, with many praising 2N as a modern day Robin Hood, including the country’s former Minister of Environment. He took to Twitter and commented, “While 2N is still an ‘a-hole’ his actions were a public service.”


In their report, the two nurses that were kidnapped stated that 2N and his crew were not aggressive and had only carried out the criminal act, because many Salgueiro residents were not able to visit immunization centers to get their yellow fever shot. After completing their tasks, the two male nurses were taken back to their workplace immediately. Not all super heroes wear capes.