Netting $404 million in profits since its release, Marvel’s Black Panther has become a cultural experience. The film goes beyond Wakanda and the story of King T’Challa. The film brings issues of social awareness, representation, and inclusion to the forefront of popular culture. Therefore, the Movement for Black Lives, is hosting voters registration at Black Panther screenings.

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If we can show up in record numbers for a movie, we all should all have that same energy at the polls on election day.

The movement’s Electoral Justice Project encourages the black community to fight for their rights through the use of electoral strategy. Lead by the “Wakanda the Vote” campaign, which began following the release of the film–the movement hopes all community members are present during the 2018 midterm elections.


Especially considering the hate America harbors in her heart after Trump‘s first year in the White House.

According to their website: Movement For Black Lives is an assortment of individuals and collectives which aim to focus on a, “hopeful and inclusive vision of Black joy, safety, and prosperity.”

Furthermore, they stand against violence, economic inequality. Also willing to help others pursue their dreams. The organization believes the Marvel Film is in perfect alignment with their principles. Hence, movie screenings doubled as good place to register to vote.

Using Twitter to get their message out to the world. With a simple text, you can register to vote. Most importantly, with a simple text, you can host your own voters registration event.

Registration occurs before and after screenings, making movie-goers inclined to use the power of their vote to inspire change.

Everyone who has seen the Black Panther is captivated by depiction of blacks in their natural royal state, as well as the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda. They also unite under the #WakandaForever phrase.

However, unless we take the necessary steps to achieve “our Wakanda,” this is just a movie. So if you’ve seen the film, keep that same energy for election day. Be the change or don’t complain.