The Big Pun brand is certainly still in demand nearly twenty years after his untimely death. Big Pun’s widow, Liza Rios has hit multinational retailer Walmart with a lawsuit over a clothing line and merchandise that tote the iconic emcee’s name and image.

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TMZ reports the Capital Punishment rapper’s signature trademark, a Jordan-like figure of him ascending with a microphone in his hand, in place of a basketball, was hammered on some of the Walmart brand’s clothing and gear which include phone cases, mugs, and bags. Rios legally obtained the trademark after Pun’s death in 2000.

The company behind the manufacturing of the clothing and gear in question, Redbubble has also been hit with Rios’ lawsuit. According to the suit, Walmart, Redbubble, and other companies are “willfully infringing on her trademark,” being they apparently knew about the legal measures behind the trademark, but made the decision to continue using it without her permission. Rios is suing both companies for all profits, and also mandating a block on future sales. She is also challenging $10 million in statutory damages from Redbubble and website performance company, CloudFlare.