The founder of the #MeToo movement, Tarana Burke recently made an appearance on radio personality Tom Joyner‘s show for a segment called Inside Her Story. During Tarana’s interview, she expressed her belief that listening to singer/song-writer R. Kelly‘s music is problematic and does little to support victims of sexual abuse. Now we know R.Kelly’s name has been associated with accusations of sexual assault numerous times, so it comes as no surprise that his name would be brought up in said conversation.

“There is a lot of work happening but we need help. We need The Tom Joyner Morning Show to stop supporting R. Kelly. That’s one of the things that would help,” Burke said on air.

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Joyner replied, “Okay, you got it. I’ll do that right now. I won’t play anymore R. Kelly music.” Ouch! Tarana Burke thanked the host as she continued to express her thoughts on the work that is needed to push the movement further.

“We have to question what is more valuable, the lives and livelihood and wholeness and healthiness of Black women and girls or some music? It’s not just about playing his music; it’s about supporting him in ways that keep him wealthy so that he can continue to prey on Black women.”

The trapped in the closet star has been accused of many crimes including sexual misconduct, violence against women, “knowingly and intentionally” giving a 19 year- old an STD and “holding women against their will in a cult” at his home, but still denies every allegations..