Almost as anticipated as album releases these days are the supporting sit-down interviews that give insight into the artist’s creative process and recent life happenings. The latest to take us into his mind is J.Cole who coincidentally was in Miami for Rolling Loud at the same time as his journalist of choice, Angie Martinez.

Sitting down for well over an hour of conversation there weren’t any topics untouchable for the Dreamville leader as he spoke on pre-show traditions, addiction to social media, resisting the temptations of drinking, the backlash from the “mumble rap” community and more.

Speaking on the KOD album, Cole admitted that the song “1985” nor any of the album was created to combat younger artists. In fact, he admits to being a fan and listening to them. “First of all, I fuck with them. I actually fuck with they music. It’s not like I drive around listening to it, but I’ve spent time listening and being like ‘Yo, this is fun.'”

Digging deeper into the album he also shared on the background to the KiLL Edward persona and dispelled the notion that he isn’t open to features.


A tidbit that will be sure to attract the ears of Cole fans is his reaction to the Kanye tweet seen across the world. When the topic arose, Cole stated the posting of their conversation to Twitter made him “feel a certain type of way.” Kanye did go on to apologize but also had a special request from Cole.

“When he called me he said yo, right off the rip, ‘Man, I need you to hold me accountable, keep me in check. Say whatever you gotta say. I need that, I feed off that,” Cole shared.

As for the question on every Dreamville and TDE fan’s mind, there isn’t a project that has manifested from the duo of Cole and Kendrick Lamar. Cole did disclose there was a session years ago and it was a bounce of ideas between the two.

To hear all the details on the above details and more press play on the full sitdown below.

Photo Courtesy of Angie Martinez’s Twitter