Just two days have passed since 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis opened fire with a shotgun and a revolver at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, T.X., and the facts about the boy behind America’s most recent school shooting are coming out.

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Pagourtzis murdered 10 people early Friday morning, including nine students and one teacher, and wounded 13 others.

As authorities (and the media) try to piece together the moments leading up to Friday’s events, TMZ obtained footage portraying the Galveston County high schooler as a regular church going boy.


According to the media outlet, Pagourtzis is a Greek Orthodox christian. He was captured on video dancing at a Greek festival 30 minutes outside of Santa Fe the weekend before Friday’s shooting. The dance was reportedly rehearsed “well before showtime” and that the shooter was “involved from the start.”

As many cases we’ve seen, friends and family close to Pagourtzis say they never saw signs of him being disturbed or erratic or capable of going “absolutely mad.”

The 17-year-old shooter has been charged with multiple counts of capital murder and aggravated assault but has yet to enter any plea.

USA Today reports that police have not released a motive for the attack, but “told officers that he targeted students he didn’t like and wanted his story told,” per an affidavit filed in Galveston County court.