Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has been hashtagging “get the strap” under every single post that he uploaded. It even got him in trouble with the police last month but of course, that did not stop the professional ‘troller’ to continue using the three words. But one question has been lingering in the air, where did the phrase even come from?

In a recent interview, Fif, who is the creative director and stars as Kanan Starks in Power, sat down with show creator, Courtney Kemp, and explained the origin behind “get the strap.” The G-Unit rapper pointed at Kemp and simply said, “They didn’t realize, that’s actually a line written by Courtney.”

Kemp then replied,


“I have been influenced,” as she looks at 50 then continues onto explain. “The point is for me to listen as a writer and really learn my character and go, what is it going to sound like? I mean, I’m only putting it on a page. He’s got to make it live, you know? But when he said that, it was funny, it was scary, it was all the things that you want from Kanan.”

Watch the interview below: