Why This Month’s #IAmAnImmigrant Campaign Is So Important


If America won’t be great again, we need to make it great, and when I say we, I mean immigrants. Visit for more information I mean Fernando. I mean you, and me. Who built this country, anyway? Who made America great in the first place? Fernando did. And we must honor and celebrate Fernando, […]

Should There Have Been A Latino Boycott Of This Year’s Oscars?

As we all know, this year’s Oscars were boycotted by a number of celebrities lead by Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of Will Smith, who sent out a PSA urging the Black community not to partake in anything pertaining to the annual award ceremony. The numbers were clearly there to support her argument of African American disenfranchisement […]

Dougie F – On Purpose Ft. Pitbull


  Visit for more information Premiered by DJ Enuf and Hot9, Dougie F is a NJ native making his mark on the national stage as he teams up with the nation’s leading Latin artist, Pitbull. The NJ artist, Dougie F, has performed with Travis Scott worked closely with Dj Drewski, and now teams up with Mr […]

No outcry For Latinos Killed By Police

On July 21, 2012, an article posted on documented when police in California killed Manuel Angel Diaz, an unarmed, 25-year-old man, when he ran away as officers approached. The following day, another man, latino Joel Acevbido, was killed by police. Days of protests followed as hundreds took to the streets. Most were peaceful but […]

A Movie Speaks For Mexico and The Pope

A Movie Speaks For Mexico and The Pope

Visit for more information In the film City Of God, a narrative based on true events in the corrupt and forgotten areas of Brazil, a child rises to gang lord with the help of a crime organization ran by young, desperate, hoods policing and terrorizing a territory as a response to the cities economic […]

[Watch] The Lost Documentary On Original Queen Of Salsa, La Lupe


Visit for more information In this old school footage called Queen of Latin Soul, Cuban artist La Lupe rises to fame to overcome political and social changes in her home country as Fidel Castro revolutionizes everything around her, including the entertainment landscape. Escaping to the United States in the early 20th century, Lupe makes her […]

[Op-ed] Is There A Case To Be Made For The Lack of Latin-American Pride?


According to many within the community, there is a lack of Latin-American pride in the Unites States. Visit for more information In the 20th century, the premise of cultural pride was the foundation behind African-American marches led by leaders like Stokely Carmichael, whose public displays with Martin Luther King promoted not only cultural pride, but the […]

A Day In The Life: Bradley Theodore


In order to get to Bradley Theodore’s Sunday spot, you have to walk passed a set of bouncers checking for Id’s and go up the rugged stairs, into another entrance, on another floor, and passed the small entry way into a rooftop scenery. Hotel Chantelle, NYC’s number one brunch spot, is an exclusive room that […]

Light Bodies 2 (NYC) Art, Health, Meditation Movement


 High on a rooftop – models, hipsters, and artists lined up outside the DL hoping to get a chance into the hottest event in NYC. Visit for more information     Advertisement It was the second installment of Light Bodies two Art Health Meditation Movement – a night dedicated to transcendence – this time […]

A Dialogue With Artist Rong English


Traveling to Ron English’s home and studio in Beacon, NY is a lot like going to see the Michael Jackson of Art in his natural element. Ron English’s art, though colorful, and full of life, like the King of Pop himself, does not detail his everyday life. The same way Jackson was privileged to carry fans of a […]

Hold Them Back And They Come Stronger: The Truth Of The Puerto Rican Day Parade


The Puerto Rican day parade is an act of patriotism, honor and symbol for Puerto Rican pride, but it wasn’t always an act of diplomacy and neither was it always legal. Visit for more information In the book entitled War Against Puerto Ricans Revolution and Terror in Americas Colony, author Nelson Denis tells the inception of America’s largest […]

Light Bodys Health Movement with India (EyeOccupy)


We sat down with model and artist India at The Light Body Movement Visit for more information   It was a tense New York City evening in June. Voices of scattered priorities, fumbled conversations of after work politics, basketball predictions, and more filled the hectic city streets. However, despite the hustle and bustle, there […]

Massive rally planned at Valdosta State University over flag trampling

vsu flag stompers

All classes have been canceled for Friday at Valdosta State University, in anticipation of large crowds at a rally to support the American flag. Visit for more information It’s a response to an incident one week earlier when veteran, Michelle Manhart, disrupted a group of students who were walking on an American flag during a […]

Cuba to Be Removed From Terrorist List


After decades of hostility, The White House announced on Tuesday that President Obama intends to remove Cuba from the American government’s list of nations that sponsor terrorism.

You Must Learn: Who Was Keith Haring?

Keith Haring

Visit for more information Keith Haring was an artist, an activist, and a reformer. The Pennsylvanian who moved to NYC would eventually go on to take an ancient form of art and reintroduce it with new context, spreading the symbols of that language across the world. Haring was a predecessor of the same networks that produced […]

Nox DOD Takes Off The Mask And Gets Personal


The Source visited 44 Bowery to check out the Outlaw Artist showcase featuring Brooklyn graf king NOXER DOD Visit for more information Nox DOD(Decades Of Dedication) has been talking through different masks in the same Brooklyn vibrato for over 20 years now in the NYC art scene. His art work is bold, abstract, and rich in iconography. At his […]