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JAY-Z and Beyonce have been making moves with their On The Run II tour and along the way, the power couple posted up a few pictures that people considered “racy,” while others are all for the sexy photos of the duo. On a recent episode of The Talk, the topic was brought up and Eve expressed how she felt about the ordeal.

One of the most influential rappers turned talk show host shared her feelings regarding the candids:

“I’m a fan of Jay and Beyonce, and I love how they’ve been so honest about their love in the last few years as well. And just seeing a little bit more intimacy from them, to me, it’s sexy. It’s art. So I love it. I think it was time.”

Sara Gilbert goes on to ask if certain celebrities can get away with things such as Jay and Bey because everyone loves them.


“There’s some celebrities that even if they’re talented, they get knocked. You know, people like to hate on Anne Hathaway for whatever reason. But I feel like with social media today, you can be Mother Theresa and there’s going to be a hater out there that’s going to say something negative.”

Watch the clip from The Talk below: