An achievement in representation of the legends category in Hip-Hop culture, Nas has made his way back on the Billboard 200 chart thanks to his newly released 11th solo album Nasir. The album dawns on the list as No. 5 making it the Queensbridge rapper’s 12th time hitting the chart’s top 10 ranking.

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Produced by Kanye West, Nasir was released on June 15, two months after West revealed his production take on the album via Twitter. For hardcore Nas supporters, the album serves a mild sense of satisfaction due to its rushed feel and the rapper’s astray appeal on the bounds of content. Simultaneously, it did not disappoint as he touched base on topics a Black man who heralds a rap career would do in the likes of police brutality, the power war, and finance management. Overall, the Kanye touch may not suit the average classic hip-hop enthusiast who embraces the late ’80s and ’90s phenomenon, an aesthetic that makes Nas an undisputed Hip-Hop king, but he/she who is a millennium Hip-Hop lover and Nas appreciator certainly rock with the gem.

Nas’ last reach on the top 10 was back in 2012, with Life Is Good which debuted on the chart at No. 1. Six of his gems have debuted No. 1 on the notable chart including his sophomore debut It Was Written and notable cult favorite I Am….


There is a great chance that Nasir is not the album the Illmatic maker was making reference to on DJ Khaled’s “Nas Album Done,” where he put the masses on high will longing drools for the class act lyricist’s next masterpiece. It is not good to assume, but it does not hurt to hope in chance. We know that Nas ain’t done.

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