Judge Genece Brinkley refused to issue a new trial toMeek Mill and now his legal team has filed an appeal with Pennsylvania’s highest council to have the controversial Judge removed from his case. TMZ reports the appeal to the Supreme Court comes after Brinkley ruled against the Dreamchaser stating he did not meet a burden of proof for a new trial.

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The possibility of a new trial for the “Stay Woke” rapper came after the arresting officer in the original arrest was caught in a scandal for corruption and more. In light of the corruption news, the District Attorney stated that Meek was  a proper candidate for a new trial. In terms of the judge, filed paperwork states Brinkley bypassed the opportunity of Meek to petition for a new trial. Criticism of the judge from Meek’s legal team included “she acted like a prosecutor, not a judge.”

Meek’s attorney Joe Tacopina specifically refers to the job that Brinkley is doing as a judge as a “miscarriage of justice.” The team also states Brinkley laughed at a key witness to the case while acknowledging her decision would be appealed at a higher level. Ironically, the


Beyond the courtroom, Meek Mill is continuing with his recording career. This past Sunday, he took the stage at the BET Awards where his new single “Stay Woke” sparked praised across the industry for the visual performance and the lyrics surrounding the current stories in police brutality and criminal justice.