Only halfway through the year and it’s evident that Instagram is going to be the cause of a lot of beef being re-cooked!

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Compton rappers The Game and 40 Glocc have been going back and forth for years, on wax as well as in the street beef. So there was no secret that when The Documentary emcee showed off his new hairdo coupled with a pair of pearl necklaces, his most consistent nemesis would rise among the criticizers.

“You’re too old for that shit,

” said Glocc via Instagram while making fun of the former G-Unit star’s facial expression in the pic.


And if you think that’s funny, check out the hashtags: “#AmostOutTheCloset #DooglerExpressPacket #InstaThotSelfie #SkinFilters #Contacts #FemaleChokerChains #BabyHairsGeledDown #GaySideGangsta.”