Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent are beefing again and you might want to pop some popcorn of this one. Fif’ took to Instagram on Monday to claim that Mayweather is lying about his showy $18 million watch.

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After Mayweather posted on his IG contrasting 50’s 2018 total assets and his most recent buy, 50 hit back. “Remember this post please because champ can’t afford to buy this watch right now. He make up shit I knew he never bought the watch, he still be running around fronting.” Closing out the post, he wrote, “He will be back hosting party’s for 10k.”

With how much these two have focused on keeping the fight alive, Mayweather didn’t take long to react. Urging his followers to include the rats his most recent photograph of 50 Cent, Mayweather advised his fans to go to the Power star’s Instagram page and leave the most offending remarks they can consider. “The Top 9 Shots Will Receive $1,000 Each & Reposts On My Page,” he promised.


To state things are getting terrible would put it softly, however, things have been quite ugly from the beginning. Furthermore, this certainly won’t be its finish.