Following her elimination from cycle 21 of  ‘America’s Next Top Model’, Winnie Harlow quickly became a house hold name.  The Canadian-born model went on to model for major brands and became a regular on the runways of Paris. Last week, rapper Wiz Khalifa fueled rumors that the two were dating on a series of Instagram posts.

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Recently celebrating her 24th birthday in Miami, Florida, the vitiligo-kissed supermodel took to social media to slam critics who critiqued her doing her hometown dance—the Jamaican whine.

‘Supermodel Pose like mi real friend WINNIE ? (genuinely dnt care who wants to see my wine and JOOOOOOOK for the next 4 days. I’m Jamaican, we dance when we celebrate, it’s my birthday, and I’m HAPPY ?❤️?? god has blessed me with 24 years of life…. and an unbelievable life at that. Thank you God!!! SO, imma celebrate how i WANT! ?) thank you’


What do you think of the birthday girl’s dance moves?

One time for the Birthday Chick ??

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??6am lil booties matter campaign ??

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Coco Butter

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