Back in March, Wale released a surprise EP titled It’s Complicated. Of the four songs on It’s Complicated, Wale decided to make a video to fan favorite, “Black Bonnie.”

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Wale took to Instagram to explain the meaning behind his song, “Black Bonnie.” He stated:

“Humility is one of the most important traits a person can have. I believe love is a long shot for some of us because our egos reject humility. But the lucky ones that find TRUE love understand you have to put absolute faith in it. As the CEO founder inventor and reinvent of the “prideful ass nigga federation”, I’ve ruined a lot of good things in my life because of said pride. I wrote this song for me (the maturation) and for she (the understanding my need for humility). Allow yourself to put absolute faith in someone who deserves it. For me, maybe she exist, maybe it’s a fairytale.

Bonnie represents she, who is worth trust humility and unconditional love that will never waiver – Olu”

Directed by Yasha Gruben, “Black Bonnie” stars Dear White People actress, Ashley Blaine Featherson. The “Black Bonnie” video displays a modern day Black Panther Party theme that goes back and forth between real vintage footage of Black Panther Party happenings and reenacted scenes of New York City vibes from the 90s.


Watch it below.