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EA Sports has been in hot water ever since a video was posted online that showed how Madden 19 edited out the use of Colin Kaepernick’s name on YG’s latest single. On the song “Big Bank” Big Sean who is featured on the track raps, “You all cap I’m more Colin Kaepernick,” a lyric that is muted out by the game presumably because of the political firestorm that came from his form of protest in 2016.

The video grabbed the attention of Big Sean and YG, which forced EA Sports to apologize and correct the mistake. But, as HOT 97 DJ and girlfriend of Colin Kaepernick, Nessa On Air, pointed out, this was not the first time EA Sports has done this.

The video game makers claim that omitting the controversial athlete’s name from the lyrics was an error, but Nessa pointed out that on Madden 18, Kaep’s name was omitted from Swae Lee’s lyrics on the song “Bars of Soap.”


“She be hoping that I take a knee like Kaepernick,” the Rae Sremmurd member raps on the song in a bar that relates to a woman hoping for marriage. EA Sports usually omits lyrics that involve profanity or suggestive language.

“TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS @EASPORTS @EAMaddenNFL scrubbed Colin Kaepernick’s name from songs. Don’t try to LIE to us and say this is a ‘mistake.’ YOU DID IT TWICE,” Nessa wrote on social media. She continues to say that it was the NFL’s influence that made them remove the controversial quarterback’s name from the popular video game.


The NFL has taken a stance against Kaep’s protest that started as a way to protest police brutality against minorities in America, a fact that has pretty much been ignored by President Trump and others who saw the protest as a stance against America and it’s military.

The NFL responded to future kneeling protests this offseason but initially making it against NFL policy to kneel during the National Anthem and any player who does will be subject to a fine. This rule was recently frozen until further notice.