On Sunday afternoon, SZA decided to take to Twitter to tell a hilarious story about the time she got fired from Diesel for a weed brownie conspiracy.

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The revelation was sparked by a fan tweeting the singer, “storytime with Sza? lmao.” You knew the story was going to be epic upon reading the Ctrl singer’s introduction, “Aight so bim.”


She began explaining that a former co-worker came to work with freshly baked brownies, but didn’t mention that they were weed brownies. The TDE singer was under the impression that she was getting a free ‘welcome to the job’ breakfast. Apparently, everyone else was hip to what was going on because they only took a piece, meanwhile, she ate two.

Things to a turn for the worst and she ended up getting terminated because she was freaking out on the floor.

Being forced out of yet another retail job worked out for the Grammy-nominated singer, as she just recently celebrated another milestone for her debut album. “Today I found out we 2.3 billion streams deep and a bunch a other cool stuff,” she wrote on Instagram. “I love my family. I love you all for pressing play at any time. Thank you for this journey.”