While multiple professional football players have tried (to varying degrees of success) to put out Rap and Hip-Hop albums and famous football players have been mentioned in Hip-Hop lyrics, little to no music has been performed about fantasy football players and teams- until now.

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Meet Roberto Cartagena, of SportLibs, who like many self-proclaimed fantasy football “experts,” loves to offer advice to others, but with a twist- and a beat. According to Cartagena, “SportsLibs combines sports, music and entertainment to give the best fantasy football advice in the form of a rap.” Each week, Cartagena offers advice about the upcoming week- who to draft, who to play, who to bench, and who to trade. Some of his week two advice included the following lyrics:

You gotta start Ben against the Chiefs
Even though last week, he threw 3 INTs
The best remedy
Is Kansas’s City D
It’ll probably be a shootout, start Mahomes
He’s already proven he can win on the road
Haden could be out, watch out for Cheetah
Now let’s talk RBs like Phillip Lindsay 


For Cartagena, fusing his love of Hip-Hop and his love of fantasy football was a no-brainer – much to the delight of his internet fans as well as those who have seen him perform in person at SXSW this past year as well as at the National Fantasy Football Convention this past July in Dallas.

As far as how his fans feel about his projections? Overall, his advice for the 2017-2018 season was pretty solid. About two-thirds of his predictions were on point for week two. According to Cartagena, his advice has been pretty solid- even before he began to put it to a beat. “I’ve won countless of big money leagues throughout the years including both of my leagues last year with my unorthodox but proven way of drafting and use of the waiver wire. I also won over 6 figures in Draft Kings,” he says.

Whether or not Cartagena is truly the playoff prophet that can make fantasy managers win their league remains to be seen, but either way, his advice is sure to entertain if nothing else.