Diesel is directly addressing society’s current problem with bullying, particularly when it comes to social media, with the release of a new fashion campaign for FW18 that features rap stars Nicki Minaj, Gucci Mane and a few other notable faces that’ve experienced the abuse head-on.

Many of the pieces get brutally graphic with the wording incorporated into the designs, but it’s definitely for good reason. From a denim jacket that spells out the words “Not Cool Anymore,” all the way to a range of items that utilize Minaj’s recent “The Bad Guy” slogan — they even highlight the funny-yet-disturbing ‘Gucci Mane is a clone’ theory with a “F*ck You Imposter” shirt! — the message behind this capsule collection is way more important than the actual items in the set. Of course, those are pretty fire too, with hoodies, denim jackets and bomber jackets all included. The best part about it all though is that a portion of monetary proceeds garnered from each piece will go towards the non-profit organization Only The Brand Foundation, so you’ll be making a statement and supporting a good cause at the same time.

Shop the new Diesel Haute Couture Campaign — stylized as “Hate Couture” — right now in the brand’s online shop. Also, starting October 6, Diesel will also be allowing customers to personalize their own pieces using the worst comment they’ve ever received. Check out the collection below to see what you might want to customize as your own:

If you or anyone you know is experiencing bullying in any capacity, reach out for help at the many organizations and programs that address it directly, including sites like StopBullying.gov