You guys already know we love a good watch — just yesterday G-SHOCK came with a few icy hot options — and the new timepieces by way of Braun are leaving us not only surprised based off the brand it’s coming from, but also extremely impressed with the offering.

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Surprisingly enough, Braun has been in the business of clocks for a minute now. The newest watch seen here, the AW 10 EVO, is actually a reworked version of the brand’s AW 10 from 1989. Almost 30 years later, the design is back and equipped with a few key specs, including Swiss three-hand date movement, a bespoke screw on the case back, classic leather strap and a standout stainless steel case with bezel among other features. While you might normally associate Braun with shavers, razors and house appliances, the multifaceted brand proves with this latest drop how they can also keep you sharp in more ways than one.

Pick up the Braun AW 10 EVO in black or with silver accents right now for $380 by heading to the brand’s online store. See more pics of both options below: