Jill Scott shook the social media world on Tuesday when a video of her simulating oral sex went viral and sent fans into a frenzy. Jill took to Twitter and explained that she looks to give a good show, however, she also returned a call to Joe Budden during his podcast and detailed what happened at that show.

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Joe greeted Jill with “Holy shit it’s the queen” and questioned how the moment fit in her show.

“It’s for different purposes each time,” Scott detailed “That time was about the things you want to do but you have to save them for the right person. Not everyone can get your A game, you know?”


Jill Scott also details that it helps set the mood for fans that in are attendance with a significant other, but the emotions that you may get from a Jill Scott show are not solely sexual.

“It’s going to be a lot of feels, every show. This is what I do. I tell stories, I sing songs, I play music that invigorates, it sometimes stills people, sometimes I see them crying. Its a range of emotions, you just have to be there,” Scott shared.

Budden also managed to insert a couple of other questions. Is she single? She laughed it off. When is her next show? Scott is currently filming a couple of movies before she gets back to gracing stages across the country.

You can hear Jill Scott on the Joe Budden Podcast at the 87-minute mark on Spotify.