Multiple people shot and killed during a mass shooting that took place in the Eastern French city of Strasbourg; 14 wounded, 2 dead and 1 brain dead. The shooter? 29-year old Cherif Chekatt, a native of Strasbourg, was already on France’s National Security radar before the shooting. Police raided his home hours prior to the shooting in connection with a recent robbery and murder attempt. He was placed on the national security list as a terrorist risk because they found grenades in his home.

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The shooting happened at 8 pm in a crowded Christmas market. The cops realized it was him when they recognized his van in the square. Here’s the crazy part, not only is he on the run from the police but he randomly pulls up to a crowded market and senselessly opens fire. Shortly after hitting almost 20 people, he hops in a cab and threatens the driver to take him out of the city, leaving the shooter to remain at large.

Authorities have no other explanation for the shooting other than an act of terrorism. What is his motivation to be running from police, randomly stop in a square and shoot into a crowd? It’s pure terrorism. These kinds of things, which happen far too often in America lately, makes me question more than these events being extreme acts of terrorism.


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