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Drake hit the unfollow button off Kim K’s IG.

Kanye West recently discovered that Drake was following his wife, Kim Kardashian on Instagram. Both rappers have not been able to see eye to eye for the majority of the year. The beef started when Drake accused Kanye of telling Pusha T about his son. This information was used against Drake in the rap with Pusha T this past summer. Pusha T then revealed that he received the information from a woman close to Drake’s trusted friend and producer, 4o.

Since then, Ye has expressed his dislike for Drake’s sneak disses on both “Sicko Mode” and “No Stylist.” In addition, Kanye, 41,  tweeted that Drake called him to pose threats to his family. Following his wife on Instagram added to the issues with the Scorpion artist. Therefore, he desired an apology


“This man followed my wife on Instagram. I feel a public apology in order,” tweeted the “All Mine” artist.

“Or it’s cool if it’s a diss record because it’s more entertaining? Ima break all codes. I ain’t taking advice from no one who ain’t do nothing to actually help.”

Kanye later ends his series of tweets by expressing and encouraging love for everyone.

“I love everyone, even Drake. That’s my whole thing.” He later deleted the love for Drake tweet, but The Shaderoom was able to catch the entire series.

Honestly, Kanye just wants to have a conversation with Drake to mend things, but Drake does not seem interested. Instead, he is taking rides in the “ghosty no casper” with J. Cole. Do you want Kanye and Drake to beef in 2019? We can all agree that the answer is no. We can only hope that they come to a resolution in the New Year.