Jordan Peele is reprising the 1992 classic film, Candyman, and Super Bro Movies reports that he’s looking to cast Lakeith Stanfield as the lead protagonist for the film.

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Stanfield will reportedly play an artist named Anthony who is looking up the legend of the Candyman. Collider says the character will be parallel to Heather Lyle’s character played by Virginia Madsen. The gender change of the character is what’s going to make the reboot different.

Nia DaCosta will serve as the helmsman for the Peele reboot. The movie is slated to be released June 12, 2020.


There are no updates on who will play the main character. Tony Todd, who previously played the role, said he had “mixed feelings” about a reboot.

“I have mixed feelings because I thought they were gonna make this 15 years ago. If this had been 10 years ago when I had heard news, I would have been devastated,” Todd said, per Syfy Wire. “I would have fought for it. Now I’m in a different place. I’ve got so many other options that even if they make it without me, which I doubt, the attention the new movie will create will lead folks back to the original [film] because people like to see the source material.”