The son of the late The Notorious B.I.G., CJ Wallace, has launched Think BIG, a new cannabis brand and movement. The brand is inspired by Biggie Smalls and is aiming to use cannabis as a method to ignite ingenuity.

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The new venture will launch products and brands that are developed from the three core pillars of Think BIG: creativity, curiosity and collaboration. The brand will also push the belief of safe cannabis use that promotes personal expression, health, and wellness, while also pushing forward criminal justice reform and the de-stigmatization of those who use cannabis.

For CJ, cannabis is a way of connecting with his late father who he lost at five months old. The venture is assisted by Todd Russaw, music executive and stepfather to CJ, and entrepreneur Willie Mack.


Think BIG will make its first launch Frank White. Frank White, named after a moniker adopted by Biggie that originated from King of New York, will be support for anxiety and creativity.