The era of ’90s fashion has been making a comeback for years now, and the latest to jump on the throwback wave is G-SHOCK by bringing us a retro-inspired watch collection that recalls the “clear craze” of yesteryear.

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Included in this set are translucent iterations of the GA-700 (seen above), DW-5600, DW-6900 and two colorful options for the GA-400. While the latter gives you the option of either a neon dial & bezel with crystal clear parts, or a hot pink bezel with “black ice” dial and parts, the other three options are completely muted out in a clear grey tone. The cool thing about see-through items is that they match with practically everything, making either option in this set a great addition to most of the digs already in your spring wardrobe and even the stuff you plan on copping in the near future. So, if you never owned a clear Game Boy Color or downed a class of Crystal Pepsi in your life, at least you can catch up on lost time by picking up one of these ‘rad’ timepieces.

These translucent Casio G-SHOCK watches drop in April, so check them out in better detail below to see which one’s more your steelo:

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