It’s a busy week for the country’s bookies. While both the NBA and NHL playoffs continue to heat up as the league’s top teams compete for their respective 2019 championship titles, major league baseball has also started to enter its regular season and the prestigious UEFA Champions League (soccer) gears up for its semi-final legs this week.

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But sports aren’t the only thing that Vegas is taking bets on this week.

While Buckingham Palace made the official announcement of the royal birth on Monday (it’s a boy), Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle (the Duke and Duchess of Sussex), have both remained mum as to the baby’s name- and where there’s uncertainty in this world, someone is bound to start taking bets.


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Sharing the odds from bookmaker Ladbrokes, Sports Illustrated places Alexander and Arthur (common traditional British names) as the strongest contenders with the best odds of 3-1 and 6-1 respectively, followed by other common British names such as James, Albert, and Oliver, as well as Charles and Spencer, which would pay homage to Prince Harry’s parents, Charles and Diana. (The late Princess Diana’s last name was Spencer before marrying Prince Charles.)  Interestingly enough, two common names of John and Jack remain low on the list with 33-1 odds.

Some riskier gamblers are betting that the duke and duchess might even get political, suggesting names such as Barack (in honor of former President Barack Obama) at 100-1 odds, Donald (as in President Donald Trump) at 200–1 odds. Other non-traditional wildcard names listed include Tyrone at 200–1 odds and Wayne at 250–1 odds.

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While we may not know the name until later in this week, we do know where the newest member of the royal family stands in line for succession to the British throne. He is seventh behind Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Prince Harry (Queen Elizabeth currently holds the title of reigning monarch).