Cardi B just flashed fans an unseen photo of her and rapper Offset’s baby, Kulture during one of her most spontaneous Instagram live sessions and schooled females on the hidden costs following surgery.

Cardi B cruised Washington Heights in NYC Wednesday night to pick up some Dominican food from one of her favorite pre-fame stomping grounds. As almost 50,000 fans tuned in, the New York rapper disclosed her location in a popular part of the uptown Manhattan neighborhood.
She discussed everything from what she was going to eat for dinner, to what she smelled like, she named prominent areas in Manhattan before passing on taking photos with a few fans.
‘I’m gonna eat grilled pork chops, rice and beans and mother*****king salad for dinner tonight.” With her camera pointed toward her thighs showing her neutral colored ‘faja’–a garment used for compression following plastic surgery, Cardi B breaks down the costs of surgery and aftercare.
Cardi says that lipo surgery can cost up to $6000, but plan on spending an extra $3000 for massages following surgery.
“B****s think they need $6000 and that’s it, no you need about $10,000!” Cardi shares.
Then Cardi shared a photo of 4-5-month-old baby Kulture with Santa Claus before fans found her and began approaching her vehicle asking for photos.
The rapper respectfully declined photos from approaching fans stating ‘she looked f***ked up’ before logging off.
Cardi’s new single Press drops tomorrow at midnight.