Say what you want about our president, but his gangsta remains unchecked.

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And because it is unchecked, many are trying to take advantage of what seems to be his biggest weakness: MONEY.

Let’s take Nahro al-Kasnazan, a wealthy Iraqi sheikh, who according to the Washington Post has been lobbying the nation’s national security advisor John Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to “forge closer ties with those seeking to overthrow the government of Iran” last July. al-Kasnazan is the leader of an order of Sufi Muslims who many believe once he served as a paid CIA informant in the run-up to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Well, what did he do? Well following November, after sending the correspondence with the two Trump administration influencers, he spent tens of thousands of dollars to the Trump owned Trump International Hotel in the nation’s capitol. al-Kasnazan spent 26 nights in a suite on the eighth floor.


26 days? Four days shy of a month? Is that it?

Well no, there is more. Because the stay was so long and the sheikh dropped such a large bag on the lodging, he was able to obtain the hotel’s “VIP Arrivals” list.  The list has more than 1,200 guests on it, but al-Kasnazan’s stay is the longest on the list. It could be innocent. The sheikh, despite his petition before the government, would have us believe that out of all of the beautiful and exquisite hotels in D.C., Trump’s spot was the hottest spot in the political town.

“We normally stay at the Hay-Adams hotel,” al-Kasnazan said in a recent interview with a Post, “But we just heard about this new Trump hotel in Washington, D.C., and thought it would be a good place to stay.”

The Trump International Hotel is popping, but is it comparable to his own “gold-bedecked mansion” in Jordan? Well, the sheikh would also have us believe politics aside, he had some medical treatment at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and business meetings to set up. Only problem is, his businesses are also government contract hopefuls.

al-Kasnazan is not the only wealthy foreign interests trying to back door their agenda by booking a room at the president’s property. Two exiled Thai prime ministers spent the night, a Nigerian presidential candidate was seen frequenting the popular hotel, but none are as eyebrow raising as the various lobbyists for the Saudi government who paid  almost 500 nights at Trump International Hotel back in 2017, right after the president was elected or phone big shot, T-Mobile who as a corporation paid for a month and a half worth of hotel stays in 2018.