With just a week left until the premiere of Disney’s The Lion King live-action remake, fans of the classic tale are in for an additional treat by way of a special compilation album curated by Queen Nala herself, Beyoncé. The first offering from the upcoming LP, titled The Lion King: The Gift, comes in the form of a new song by Bey titled “Spirit.”

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A beautiful ballad filled with optimistic lyrics, ethereal backing vocals and a stellar lead performance by the multi-award-winning chanteuse at the helm of it all, “Spirit” embodies the powerful message of standing strong and not being afraid to go towards your destiny. The lyrics seem to be directly inspired by Simba (voiced in the film by Donald Glover) and his journey to reclaiming a rightful place as The Lion King of Pride Rock. Beyoncé wrote and produced the song alongside Labrinth and Ilya Salmanzadeh, and reactions to it have already included praise from the Beyhive and even Oscar projections for “Best Original Song” amongst music critics. Overall, we just can’t wait to see this film!

Listen to Beyoncé’s new song “Spirit” from Disney’s ‘The Lion King: The Gift‘ compilation album above, and expect the full LP to drop the same day as the film on July 19.