The Atlanta University Center (AUC) is a collective of some of the top historically Black colleges and universities in the world. It is actually the largest and the oldest academic consortium of HBCUs. Prestigious schools such as Spelman and Morehouse, who boast as alum Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Stacey Abrams and Black venture capitalist, Verdun Perry, are but two of the schools counted in this grouping of higher learning. And each year, to celebrate the new freshman students and to promote AUC unity, the schools host a “Back-To-School” block party. All of the schools’ new freshman are encouraged to attend.

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This year was no exception. On Tuesday night, according to ABC News, at least four people were wounded after a shooting by an unidentified gunman broke out. He shot into the crowd outside of Robert W. Woodruff Library- across from the old Stegals- where about 200 party revelers responded in horror.

Little is known about the shooting, but reports from the Atlanta police say that the gunshots started around 10:30 p.m. Why? Two groups got into an argument.


Four young women were hit. Sources say that two of the women were from Clark Atlanta University (ages 18 and 19) and two were from Spelman College (ages 17 and 18). It is believed that none of the young ladies were a part of the argument, nor were they intended to be shot. While the young ladies have filed reports and have received medical attention, no arrest have been made.

Atlanta police did release a video on Wednesday released of the suspected gunman. In the video you see him wearing a white T-shirt, gray sweat pants, a tan Gucci hat and gray New Balance sneakers.