It is not Atlantis…

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But scientist have found a lost continent that was found hidden underneath the Adriatic Sea.   This comes as a surprise because the world’s land mass is actually getting smaller… we should be unfortunately losing land.

However, according to TIME a university out of the Netherlands have assigned a research team to uncover another continent that had broken off from the northern parts of Africa and some how got stuck underneath Europe.


Utrecht University  has found this not only created a “deep ocean” but this continent has created various mountain ranges that has crossed 30 different countries from Spain to Iran.

“What we have studied is the very complex history of the geology of the Mediterranean region,” Utrecht professor Douwe van Hinsbergen, told TIME.

“What that continent might have looked like, however, was until now estimated with rather schematic cartoons,” van Hinsbergen says in an email. With new technology a more clear picture of this continent is seen.

“What we have done is use very elegant and useful and free plate reconstruction software, called ‘GPlates’ to systematically piece together what that continent looked like… how many there were… and how [it] broke away from Africa,” van Hinsbergen continues.

Africa is the place that keeps on giving. Researchers and scholars are calling the continent, Greater Adria.