There’s clout-chasing, and then there’s “sell-your-first-born-for-fame” levels of doing it for the ‘Gram. In the case of Nicole Murphy and her now-infamous lip-lock with married film director Antoine Fuqua, we can only hope that she’s neither the latter nor the former. However, that’s what the blogosphere is currently talking about after reports claim Murphy actually paid paparazzi to take those photos, and also that the whole thing was planned out months in advanced.

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This all comes to light after last week’s episode of The Wendy Show (seen above), where Nicole spoke candidly about the kiss with a very interesting apology that was accompanied by giggles, smiles and a demeanor that just didn’t feel as genuine as one should probably be after getting caught in front of the world being, well, a homewrecker.

The blog Love B.Scott broke the story originally, and had this to say in regards to the whole ordeal:

We’re also told that before the photos went public, the photos were sent to Antoine Fuqua’s family. His 15-year-old and 17-year-old are said to be ‘devastated’ and ’embarrassed’ by the scandal. Nicole was indeed a ‘family friend’ and their families would celebrate birthdays together when the kids were younger.

Lela Rochon is choosing to keep quiet and focus on the welfare of their kids — even though our sources also say Nicole Murphy has been taunting her through their mutual friends. She also feels like “the band-aid has been ripped off” with Nicole’s recent appearance on ‘Wendy.’

Could K. Michelle’s opinion on the situation actually be accurate? We pray not, but this is Hollywood — anything is possible!

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