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Antonio Blue (also known as King Rawzky) is a man on the rise, overcoming street life to get educated and succeed in music. As he’s come up, the support of some of those closest to him has diminished. When a relationship turned into a mental battle which threatened all he had worked for, he wasn’t sticking around.

Blue wrote “Farewell” in order for others to gain strength from his experience. An inspiration for anyone who is being played, the song tells Blue’s story about splitting up with someone he never thought he could leave. Feeling this person was taking advantage of his good spirit. He reached a breaking point and decided to say “Farewell”. A pop song with a strong R&B vibe, Blue said “It’s a song for those who are weak for a person they really care for, but that person is blinded by hate or envy.”

With a sound reminiscent of Prince and Michael Jackson, Blue was recently nominated for best R&B singer in a competition at the West Coast Hip Hop Awards. His smooth, soulful music brings pleasure and stirs emotions in a genre he has named “R&P.” Specializing in this genre of Rhythm and Pleasure has placed him in a whole other realm as an R&B musician, singer and performer.

“Farewell” is one of five tracks on Antonio Blue’s EP, “Life’s Metamorphosis.” The title of the project was inspired by the path Blue has taken in his life. The King Rawzky tag is a throwback to his days on the streets of Portland, Oregon. He’s conquered that life and rose to become successful, making changes to emerge as a completely different person with a better form – a guy named Antonio Blue. Taking listeners through a musical journey, the collection also includes a revision of “Whatever You Want” by Tony! Toni! Toné! and “Wait Until Tonight,” a new spin on Bobby Womack’s song, “If You Think You’re Lonely Now.”


As part of his transformation, Blue studied Radio Broadcasting when he was younger. He later transferred to Music Technology and graduated college. He now attends the School of Music & Theater in Portland and feels his music education has made him more of a perfectionist about the study of music and his craft. Blue considers his music to be his empire, and a formal education arms him with the weapons he needs to defend that empire when challenged.

Committed to bring unity to the community, Blue is a passionate human and animal rights advocate. Coming from poverty himself, Blue is able to share his education and mentor others who have been raised in the streets because they know he was once like them. He also works with animal rescue organizations in his area. Blue is a fierce protector of the weak and misfortunate, determined to help where he can and give back to society.