In addition to performing a Black On Both Sides 20th anniversary tribute concert at Brooklyn Steel next month, Yasiin Bey is also giving BK an extra dose of love by debuting his new music project at the prestigious Brooklyn Museum.

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Negus, an eight-track, 28-minute recording only available in exhibition form, will officially makes its debut in the U.S. via BK Museum. The official description of ‘yasiin bey: Negus.’ describes it as a “listening installation of yasiin bey’s latest studio recording, which will not be released on any digital or physical platform.” The arrival time also coincides with the 20th anniversary of Black on Both Sides, which debuted back in 1999 a little over a week ago this month (Oct 12).

Here’s some more insight into the exhibition, via Brooklyn Museum:

Negus (pronounced nuh-goose) takes its name from the word for “king” or “ruler” in Ge` ez, one of the ancient Semitic languages of Ethiopia. bey associates the term with Prince Alämayyähu Tewodros and others who have led noble lives, including Henrietta Lacks and Nipsey Hussle.

yasiin bey: Negus is organized in collaboration with The Third Line and is curated by Lauren Zelaya, Director of Public Programs, Brooklyn Museum. This iteration of the Negus suite was co-produced by Lord Tusk and Steven Julien.

‘yasiin bey: Negus’ will arrive at the Brooklyn Museum starting November 15 and run until January 26, 2020. Reserve your tickets now by clicking here.