Former San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick shook the world in 2016 when he sat and later kneeled during the National Anthem in the NFL preseason. Kaepernick’s protest was felt across the United States and beyond, and now his story will be told in the form of a children’s book.

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Author Kingsley Osei is set to release Young Kap in January 2020. The Bronx native describes the book as a focus “on the social and political stance” taken by Kaepernick as well as the professional effect it had on the former NFL athlete.

The book cover was posted on Osei’s Instagram and later reposted by the Know Your Rights Camp.


Kaepernick’s protest ultimately landed him in the free agency with no teams willing to sign him. Kaep eventually was granted a reported $10 million settlement by the NFL for alleged blackballing. Kaep has continued his activism outside of the NFL with his “Know Your Rights” camp that raises “awareness on self empowerment and interacting with law enforcement.”

Since being ousted from the league, Kaepernick signed an apparel deal with Nike worth millions as reported by Bleacher Report.