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Hip-Hop heads have been buzzing about the new Gang Starr album since the release of the J. Cole assisted “Family and Loyalty” release. The day has officially come.

One of the most influential groups in Hip-Hop has returned. DJ Premier and Guru right in line with what fans will want from the pairing. After Guru passed in 2010, hope for the album seemed to go out of the window. DJ Premier was holding out.

“I never lost faith, or wavered. I still felt it inside of me, it just happened to be nine years later (after Guru’s passing)” Premier said. “We all want the things we want right now, but I’m a patient guy. I hung in there and just kept believing.”


The album began to be created in September 2017, with Guru’s ashes sitting on top of the production console of Premiere in an urn given to him by the late rapper’s family. The final result is One Of The Best Yet.

“This album means everything to me. It’s a continuation of what I never wanted to end” Premier stated. “It’s a very foreign place for me and very emotional. I get happy, sad, excited; my feelings are kind of all over the place. But predominantly, just very happy to be making music with Guru again.”

One Of The Best Yet brings Royce Da 5’9″, Nitty Scott, Talib Kweli, Ne-Yo, Q-Tip, M.O.P. and more. All 16 DJ Premier produced tracks are available below.