Kim Kardashian isn’t just tweeting about Rodney Reed. The reality star is reportedly lobbying to free him.

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TMZ reports that she spoke to Reed last week about his scheduled execution on November 20th. Kim believes there’s new evidence and witnesses to exonerate him, as well as prove someone else is guilty of the crime.

Reed’s brother, Roderick, thanked Kim on Monday. “I want you to know you are a major God-send to my family – more than you may ever fully realize in this lifetime. You are a blessing to all the families you advocate for. We’re so glad you have publicly voiced that you also believe he is innocent.”


The outlet reports that beauty mogul is working behind the scenes to provide legal resources to keep Reed from getting executed.

Reed was convicted for the murder of Stacey Stites in Texas, and cops accused him of raping and strangling her to death. He’s been maintaining his innocence for the past 20 years and claims a former inmate knows the real killer.

Arthur Snow filed a statement alleging Stites’ fiance, who served time for another crime, confessed that he did it because she was creeping. Snow says they were both part of the Aryan Brotherhood in prison, but Stites’ fiance denies these allegations.

There’s been a rallying cry to get the case reopened and now Kim Kardashian is trying to do what she can.

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