The custody battle over the daughter Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez has reached a resolution, for the moment. Stevie will have full custody of his daughter to at least early 2020.

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Bossip details the hearing of the case will be delayed for four months and the orders must attend mediation to hopefully remedy their issues.

In the interim, Bonnie Bella will remain in the custody of Stevie J, while Joseline will have visitation. The $1,000 a month child support is also canceled, instead, each parent is responsible for the costs of the child while she is with the respective parent.


The custody battle has continued throughout this year, including a suit from Stevie to Joseline over excluding him from her life in efforts to move in with another man in Miami. Joseline denied the allegations.

The two are due back in court in February of 2020, which could potentially be the date for the final judgment.