Fall is here and its time to cuddle up with your boo-thang! Indie R&B Heavyweights Trav Torch and Chris Echols team up in this hot morning s*x track titled, “Wake Up”. This is the perfect track to get the ladies hot and bothered as they prepare for the day ahead, so you definitely want to keep this in your arsenal, fellas.

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“Wake Up” is a smooth song, designed to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit. Trav sings “I don’t care if you have morning breath, I just wanna have morning sex…”, signifying his determination to guarantee his lady is taken care of, even first thing in the morning.

Trav Torch is on a roll as we have seen with the release of his first full-length commercial album “Bachelor Life” earlier this year in addition to two singles (“Lust” and “Run It Back”) released this past August to appear on his forthcoming album, “Bachelor Life 2”. Keep an eye out for more works by Trav Torch because this man is talented.