By: Dylan Kemp

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Y’all… it’s just a chicken sandwich.

In the week since Popeyes had brought back its chicken sandwich, reports of fights have broken out in restaurants across the country, a man in Maryland was stabbed at Popeyes for cutting the line, and now, even employees are fighting each other.


A video obtained by TMZ shows two employees at a Los Angeles Popeyes swinging on each other.  The video begins already with the fight in progress, but the person filming told TMZ that the altercation began after one of the employees was caught selling chicken sandwiches out the back door.

You can hear one of the employees screaming “You f*****g hit me, bitch!!!!”

Following recent events, even the fatal stabbing of a man at a Maryland Popeyes location, a Popeyes representative said that the company has no intention of pulling the chicken sandwich and describes the murder as “a tragedy.”

“We are saddened to hear about this senseless act of violence,” the spokesperson said. “We, along with the franchisee, are fully cooperating with local authorities and actively working to gather more information.”