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It’s not really looking good in life for Cuba Gooding Jr. at the moment. With sexual misconduct accusations piling up against him, his girlfriend has seemingly turned on him.

The actor was in a club in South Beach, Magno’s Topical Cafe, where he was confronted by his girlfriend, Claudine De Niro, during his birthday party. TMZ details De Niro is the same woman who was with him when he was first accused of groping a woman in NYC in June.

In a video, you can see Claudine and Cuba speaking at a bar, but the former would get aggressive and knock over at least one shot glass before security removes her from the bar. Claudine was stated to have gotten into an altercation with security.

Claudine was stated to have been upset about a friend showing up late to dinner, which Gooding Jr. took the friend’s side, leading to the argument. You can see the video below.