With less than 10 seconds left in a clear win for the Cleveland Browns, a brawl broke out on field Thursday night that left Browns defender Myles Garrett with an indefinite suspension, Steelers lineman Maurkice Pouncey with a three-game suspension and Steelers lineman Larry Ogunjobi with a one-game suspension. Each player who was suspended is appealing the decision.

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Steelers QB Mason Rudolph was the only player involved in the altercation that was without suspension despite video evidence of him attempting to rip off Garrett’s helmet and then chasing after Garrett before being hit in the head with his own helmet.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Rudolph still won’t be suspended for his actions but will be hit with a fine of $35,096 for a “first time fighting” offense. This decision is a lot more favorable than Garrett who may have played his last game on Thursday.


NFL fans on social media were outraged that Rudolph was without punishment for a fight that he arguably started after being tackled on a throw late in Thursday’s game. However, as the fight broke out Rudolph was the only player who didn’t throw a punch which is usually what the league looks at when issuing suspensions.