By: Amira Lawson

Love and Hip-Hop star, Tahiry went on The Real daytime show and further elaborated on why she publicly declined her proposal from Joe Budden.

“I don’t regret it. I didn’t know I was that brave to. It was closing one of the most important chapters of my life on national TV.”

The last time fans saw Tahiry and Joe Budden together on Love and Hip-Hop, it ended with Joe Budden on one knee to propose, only to be met with Tahiry’s rejection. ‘


“​I believe that the show had 5.1 million viewers at the time. So, to be able to say no to the man I thought at that moment was supposed to be my forever was big,” she told The Real.

Tahiry further explained to the ladies of The Real that she completely does not regret her decision and still stands by it to this day.

“I had to do what was best for me,” Tahiry said. “I knew that that ring would come with show specials, the wedding specials…we were so big. People loved us together, but I couldn’t do it. It was what my gut told me to do so I had to follow my gut. None of that mattered if the relationship wasn’t healthy.”

In anticipation of Tahiry’s return to Love and Hip-Hop this season, when asked about the status of her and Joe’s relationship today she simply stated, “On film, off film, we’re just fly together. We just have fun…It’s weird. For somebody who has done so much in the past, for me to be able to just look past that and be over it and still enjoy him, it’s cool.”

Tahiry, Chrissy Lampkin, and Jim Jones are some familiar faces that will be returning to the Love and HipHop platform. The new season of Love and Hip-Hop is set to air on December 16th on Vh1’s network.