According to reports from law enforcement, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be charged for the 70 pounds of marijuana found on Juice WRLD’s private jet following his sudden death in Chicago’s Midway Airport.

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Federal and local authorities have confirmed with TMZ that no one has claimed ownership of any of the suitcases containing the marijuana and there were no luggage tags to identify who the bags belonged to. Reportedly, the police are searching through the bags for DNA and fingerprints, however, there’s no way to identify who packaged the marijuana or who owned the luggage.

Even though the weed and the suitcases were seized by the FBI, the feds have dropped the case down to local law enforcement because of the odds that no one will be charged for the crime.


Only two men, Chris Long and Henry Dean, were arrested in connection to the FAA/FBI search at Midway Airport, but Long and Dean, who were since released, were booked for handgun possession.

As reported, Juice WRLD died after allegedly swallowing several Percocet pills in the airport in a fatal attempt to hide the deadly pills from authorities. Juice was 21 years old.