By: Amira Lawson

It seems as though Diddy’s birthday party had attendees in forgiving spirits. Not only did the feud between Jay Z and Kanye West end, but Joe Budden and Quavo’s feud would end at the HipHip veteran’s party as well.

Fans may remember the feud between the outspoken podcaster and Atlanta native began at the 2017 BET Awards. In an interview with Complex News, fans could feel the tension between Joe Budden and the rap group moments before Budden dropped the mic in the middle of the interview with Migos. Prior to his walking off, Budden cut off DJ Akademiks telling him, “We gotta wrap this up though.” Which led to Quavo responding, “Well, wrap it up then.”


After Budden walked off you can see things get heated between the group and the “Pump It Up” rapper. Shortly after Migos released “Ice Tray” and Quavo sang a line, “If a N*gga Hatin Call him Joe Budden, p*ssy.”

Budden reacted to the lyrics via Twitter in a post saying, “Quavo want smoke? Lol. Nigga called me p*ssy on the adlib track.” Budden also threw shade on an episode of Everyday Struggle.

Following Diddy’s birthday celebration, it seems as though the two are cool now after Budden posted a picture on Instagram with the two side by side, in a caption that read, ​“If a n*gga hatin call him something else now lol #Love.” It’s good to see black men put their differences aside and come together!