The second installment of Surviving R.Kelly has been packed with surprises, including a jaw-dropper from the troubled singer’s brother.

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According to the Daily Mail, R. Kelly’s brother Carey Kelly explains in Surviving R. Kelly: The Reckoning that his R&B legend sibling offered him $50K to take the fall in the 2002 child sex tape case.

“Perjure myself in a court of law and risk jail time for some stuff that didn’t have anything to do with me,” Carey said. “He was saying, ‘Man I’ll buy you a car, I’ll buy you a record deal, I’ll give you $50,000,’ I said, ‘Let me tell you something man. You ain’t got enough money for me to say that’s me because it ain’t worth me selling my soul.”‘


Surviving R.Kelly: The Reckoning premieres tonight on Lifetime. Kelly is set to appear on the court for his sexual abuse charges on April 27, 2020.