DaBaby can’t seem to catch a break.

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According to TMZ, the promoter that got beat up and burglarized by DaBaby and his posse is planning to hit him with a civil suit- asking for big money.

Can someone call the Johnny Cochran Firm?


The concert promoter is identified by one name: Kenneth and has told the entertainment news outlet that he is shopping around for lawyers to help him make sure that DaBaby is held accountable for what his team did to him.

Well, what actually went down?

According to Kenneth, he was booked to do Stunna 4 Vegas’ birthday soireé and hired DaBaby to host the party. Because of his relationship with the North Carolinian rapper, he was able to secure him for a discounted rate of $30,000. The party was scheduled to take place in Florida, at a nightclub last Thursday, Jan. 2.

Sounds like a deal? Yeah… Heard you.

Kenneth didn’t even have all of that. He came to DaBaby with $10K less than the agreed-upon price. He told the artist and his team that he would get the other money from a third party, YC Woody. That’s when everything went left and he allegedly got rocked and robbed.

DaBaby took the $20K, and according to the police report an additional $80, a credit card, iPhone 7 and was assaulted further by being drowned in apple juice. Son… the pour apple juice all over him.