The Hip-Hop community has come to one consensus. Mutually, we all agree that Phylicia Rashad is our mom… our TV mom anyways…. and so when she went on Sway in The Morning and he asked her about if she is on social media… her response was something that we should all take to heart.

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“No.” She responds to Sway. “My mother said that ‘people need not know you personally.’ Everyone need not know you personally.”

She continues with her signature Claire Huxtable cut-eye, “I think social media has given some anonymous people a very loud voice.”


“And you just need to be a little careful about yourself and what you are putting out there.”

Tyler Perry adds that this why no one has seen his son. Even though the young Perry is five years old, his father has opted to allow the child some anonymity while he can have it.

“I refuse to put him in this place of… throw[ing] you to the world [by] putting your picture everywhere.” Perry continues. “… He doesn’t even know who he is just yet.”

The two were on Sway Calloway’s Sway in The Morning radio show on Sirius Radio with the rest of the cast for Perry’s new show, “A Fall From Grace” that drops on Netflix on January 17th.

Tyler Perry and the cast of A Fall From Grace, Crystal Fox, Bresha Webb, and Phylicia Rashad, visited the Sway in Morning show to promote this new and apparently unpredictable story.

The interview also provides a platform for Tyler Perry to respond to his critics that have taken shots about him writing his own scripts and speaks on giving other people the opportunity people as they push to get into the industry.

Check out her remarks around the 20-minute mark.